Hi, I’m Dr. Alanna Kaivalya


I’m the founder of the Spiritual Leadership Institute, the world's first higher-education training program dedicated to the cutting-edge field of yoga psychology. We teach you the skills, tools and techniques necessary to step into your calling as a spiritual leader, empowering you to use your gifts to create profound change in yourself and others.

You, my friend, are destined to be a modern mystic, a torchbearer for spirituality that resonates with people today and a guide for sharing yoga’s enduring power for healing and enlightenment. I’m simply here to give you the training and tools. I invite you to use them to create a lifestyle and career that not only transforms you, but empowers you to help others do the same.

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for yoga teacher training
for yoga teacher training

discover The Fastest Path To Online Yoga Teaching Certification

for astrology training
for astrology training

Discover The Complete Guide To Astrology For Yoga Teachers

for income growth
for income growth

discover more impact & income as a Highly Influential Yoga Teacher

Today’s unique challenges require solutions that go beyond the mat. Learn the tools, techniques and practices to empower everyday people to process emotional trauma, thrive during tough times, and move gracefully through major life transitions… ultimately transforming their lives from the inside out.

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The Kaivalya
Yoga Method

Yoga Training + Certifications

Finally, a comprehensive online yoga education that goes beyond the postures and sequences to train exceptionally qualified yoga teachers in the art and science of the practice, philosophy, ethics, anatomy and therapeutics—all from the comfort of anywhere.


Mystical Alchemy + Astrology

When life’s biggest questions arise, spiritual leaders provide the answers. By tapping into the mystical arts, students learn to glean insights, find clarity and facilitate spiritual transformation in a clear, caring and compassionate way.

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Spiritual Business Development

The elusive goal of having a thriving yoga career is closer than you think. It’s long past time for you to be able to use your spiritual gifts to have a greater positive impact on the world and authentically increase your earning potential. Employing the right strategies is the first step to your inevitable success.

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For millennia, keepers of spiritual wisdom knew many ways to heal, inspire and uplift others. You’re here because you’re called to do the same. Accessing this deeper knowledge requires higher education, and the Institute for Spiritual Integration and Yoga Psychology is designed specifically to address this need.

Yoga, psychology, alchemy, mysticism and ritual create the foundation for facilitating profound psychospiritual growth and transformation. Let me show you how. In this webinar, you’ll learn more about me, my methods, my commitment to you and why embracing the path to spiritual leadership will change your life.


Hi, I’m Alanna.

With more than two decades and over 10,000 hours of teaching, doctoral studies, continuous learning and personal experience, I have gathered the practices, techniques, and know-how to create the highest level training programs available. I’ve written books, started the first-ever yoga podcast, and developed #alltheonlinecourses at AlannaK.com. What you find here is my life’s work—the resources I wished were available to me when I first began my spiritual journey.

I’m often called The Yoga Doctor because I help yoga teachers embody their knowledge, up-level their skills and create more positive impact in the world. I know how difficult it is to set yourself apart and thrive as a yoga teacher (been there!), so I want to teach you to be more than that. I want you to be a spiritual leader, healer, advisor and a whole lot more.

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The HEY Membership

As part of our commitment to making higher education for yoga accessible, practical and impactful, we offer the HigherEducation.Yoga membership. It is designed for yogis who are ready to take their practice or careers to the next level, without the commitment of lengthy (read: expensive) trainings. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, meditation techniques or deeper insight into the pillars of modern mysticism, HEY has you covered.


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